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We first got together in the summer of 2018, and started to meet for Sunday worship in February 2019. We have chosen the name 'Grace Church' because God's grace is so special to us. Grace means God’s favour, God dealing with us kindly and in a way that we don’t deserve. God chose to save a vast multitude of people from all nations. He sent his Son, Jesus, to be the Redeemer of the human race. By his death and resurrection, God has shown favour to us when we deserve his justice. He continues to fill his church with new resources of grace to live every day the new life that is found in Christ.

Despite several lockdowns, we've been encouraged by the way God has been answering our prayers as a new church. We are still finding our way as we seek to serve the local community. We want to be a place where people from all backgrounds, all nations and classes, can grow as disciples of Christ.

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Southern Community Centre
Sorrel Crescent
OX11 6HQ
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Sunday 10:30am
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